Lady Gaga Goes Makeup-Free to Show Off Her Newest Haus Labs Concealer

Lady Gaga is showcasing her clear makeup-free face for her newest product launch.

Lady Gaga Goes Makeup-Free to Show Off Her Newest Haus Labs Concealer
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The “Bad Romance” singer, 37, announced on Thursday that her beauty brand Haus Labs had launched a new concealer. Named Triclone™ Skin Tech Concealer, the product acts as a little sister to Haus Labs’ Foundation, the joint Instagram caption revealed.

“This is Lady Gaga and today I’m going to be showing you our brand new Triclone™ Skin Tech Concealer,” Gaga told her followers as she showcased the item to the camera. “I’m so excited to show you how I use it.”

Pushed away from her fresh face, the star’s blonde hair fell behind her shoulders to her back. 

“Today I’m using 11 Fair Neutral and I start in the corner of my eye and I actually just drag it along there,” Gaga explained as she performed a demonstration with the concealer. “You see how it leaves a nice flat creamy finish?”

Lady Gaga Goes Makeup-Free to Show Off Her Newest Haus Labs Concealer

“I do one on each side to brighten up the eyes,” she added. “Then, to brighten up the center of the face, I go in threes around the top of the head of the nose and under the chin.”

Applying the concealer on her face, Gaga revealed that she loves the product due to it containing fermented arnica and skin care ingredients that claim to reduce skin inflammation. 

“So while I am splat concealing, I will also be treating the skin the whole day while I wear it,” the singer revealed. 

In her final step, Gaga showcased how to “lift the skin” following her “covering up redness" step. After drawing the concealer against her jawline, cheeks and forehead, the A Star Is Born star used a Haus Labs concealer brush to drag it out.

“What’s nice about this concealer is that in just two weeks, using a biotech caffeine, it depuffs under the eyes,” she said. “ At the very end, I take my fingers and I rub it into the skin and it just melts, giving you a beautiful radiant finish.” 

“Okay, all done,” Gaga added as she blew a kiss to her 56.1 million Instagram followers. 

Priced at $32, the Triclone™ Skin Tech Concealer has been in development for two years, Gaga revealed on Instagram. The item is available to buy on Haus Labs' website, as well as at Sephora.