Lil Nas X and Camila Cabello Battle Over Love in 'He Knows' Video

In the fiery new music video for "He Knows," released on May 22, Lil Nas X and Camila Cabello take center stage in a nightclub drama where love and friendship collide.

Lil Nas X and Camila Cabello Battle Over Love in 'He Knows' Video
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The story unfolds as Cabello, accompanied by friends, enters the club, catching the eye of a mutual romantic interest. However, when Lil Nas X joins the scene, tensions rise as they both vie for the man's attention.

A playful dance-off quickly escalates into a physical brawl, with Lil Nas X ripping out a lock of Cabello's hair in the heat of the moment. Yet, as the dust settles, they both realize that the object of their affection is nothing more than a mannequin, exposing the futility of their fight.

Despite their squabble, the video ends with a pact between the two artists, vowing never to let a man come between their friendship again. However, their resolution is short-lived as they both revert to flirting with the mannequin, ending the video with a cheeky exchange and a mouthful of blood.

"He Knows" is the latest single from Cabello's upcoming album, C,XOXO, set to release on June 28. Reflecting on the collaboration, Cabello praised Lil Nas X's dedication to the music and performance, highlighting his commitment to making a statement beyond just the song itself.

With its captivating visuals and catchy beats, "He Knows" offers a playful yet poignant exploration of love, friendship, and the complexities of human connection.