Lindsay Hubbard Admits She Has Been 'Humiliated' by Carl Radke Split: 'This Was Not My Decision'

Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard has issued an emotional statement about her and sudden breakup with fiancé Carl Radke.

Lindsay Hubbard Admits She Has Been 'Humiliated' by Carl Radke Split: 'This Was Not My Decision'
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Hubbard, 37, addressed her August split from Radke, 38, for the first time on Instagram Thursday, thanking her followers for giving her time and space to “grieve the loss of not only my relationship, but my friendship with someone I considered my best friend for 8 years.”

“The last 2 weeks have been the most heartbreaking and emotional weeks of my life,” Hubbard wrote. “My entire life and future was ripped out from underneath me and I’ve had a hard time making sense of it all - with no answers or closure on why. I feel humiliated by how it went down, and simultaneously heartbroken that it happened in the first place. My trust has been betrayed, and coming to terms with that has been difficult for me.”

Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke

Radke proposed to Hubbard in August 2022, and they had planned to tie the knot in Mexico in November. Earlier this week, Radke sent out an email addressing wedding guests about the official cancellation of their wedding.

According to Hubbard, deciding to end the relationship “was not my decision” and she did not want to call things off “without trying everything possible first.”

“I have spent the last couple of weeks finding my own closure and peace,” the publicist continued. “I am forever grateful to my best friends who have not left my side, and have been picking up the pieces of my heart and life every day from the fallout.”

Hubbard shared that she hasn’t fully processed “all that has happened,” but wanted fans to hear from her directly about the breakup. She thanked her friends, family and Summer House costars “for carrying me through.”

In Radke's email on Monday, he wrote that "words cannot possibly express how difficult the last two weeks have been for Lindsay and I” and apologized “for the confusion and lack of communication” around their breakup.

“We were left trying to figure out how this all exactly happened before we could even have the opportunity to determine the path forward amongst ourselves," he explained.

News of the breakup first bubbled up in late August, but Radke’s email — in which he stated that “sadly at this time we are not moving forward with the wedding" — confirmed it for the first time.

"The fact of the matter is Lindsay is devastated and I'm crushed with how all this transpired,” he shared, calling the end of their relationship “such a mess.”

"It's so sweet to see Carl as we keep checking to-dos off of our list and as it's getting closer,” she said. “We are literally three months away at this point, and it's going to go by so fast. And then next thing you know, I'm going to be walking down the aisle.”

Below Deck's Captain Lee Robach, who Radke and Hubbard tapped to officiate their wedding, said on the latest episode of his Salty With Captain Lee podcast that Radke "is as devastated as anyone I’ve ever seen."

“It was going to be a very high-profile wedding and it was going to be broadcast on Bravo,” Robach, 73, added. “Is there a graceful way out of something like that?”

Robach weighed in on the fan theory that Radke’s mother played a role in the broken engagement, sating, “I can see where that could happen. You know [mothers] are always involved. You have to have boundaries.”