Lindsay Lohan and Bader Shammas had a date night in Los Angeles.

Lohan and Shammas tied the knot in April 2022 and welcomed their son, Luai, in 2023.

Lindsay Lohan and Bader Shammas had a date night in Los Angeles.
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Lindsay Lohan and her husband, Bader Shammas, took some time out for a romantic evening in Los Angeles, stepping out for a dinner date at the well-known celebrity dining spot, Giorgio Baldi, located in the scenic area of Santa Monica. The outing came just a day after Lohan's latest romantic comedy, "Irish Wish," made its debut on Netflix, marking a momentous occasion for the actress.

For their special night out, the couple dressed to impress. Lohan, aged 37, looked stunning in a meticulously beaded champagne-colored dress featuring a pleated skirt that elegantly skimmed her ankles, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to her appearance. The ensemble was perfectly complemented by a matching statement coat, elevating her look with a blend of elegance and style. Lohan completed her outfit with a pair of silver strappy heels, which not only enhanced her attire but also added an extra sparkle to her overall look, making her stand out as they enjoyed their evening together.

Bader Shammas, equally stylish for the couple's night out, complemented Lindsay Lohan's glamorous look with a smart and sophisticated outfit of his own. At 37 years old, the same age as Lohan, Shammas opted for a sleek black jacket layered over a tan sweater, creating a chic and refined look. He paired these with black pants and matching black boots, epitomizing a classic, polished style perfect for their dinner date at Giorgio Baldi, a venue renowned for attracting a sophisticated crowd.

During a recent interview with PEOPLE, alongside her "Irish Wish" costar Ayesha Curry, Lohan opened up about the joys and challenges of motherhood, particularly highlighting a challenging phase her son Luai is currently going through. Despite not yet being a year old, Luai has developed a penchant for grabbing at his mother's hair, leading to some painful moments for Lohan. "He's ripping my hair out now, so that's the new thing," she shared, revealing the physical toll of her son's newfound behavior. "He pulls my baby hairs too, so I have bald spots."

Despite these challenging moments, Lohan expressed her profound love and enjoyment in spending as much time as possible with her son. She and Shammas, who welcomed Luai in 2023, cherish the moments they can share with their son, especially those spent outdoors soaking up the sun. These insights into Lohan's personal life offer a glimpse into her new role as a mother and how she balances her career in the spotlight with the demands and joys of parenthood.

Lindsay Lohan's parenting style is evidently focused on the simple joys and the great outdoors, especially considering how much her son, Luai, enjoys being outside. "Right now, he just loves being outside and taking walks, so I just try to get him outside as much as I can because he loves looking around," Lohan shared. This approach not only fosters a love for nature in Luai but also encourages exploration and curiosity about the world around him.

Lohan's connection with Ayesha Curry adds another layer to her life, showcasing the value of friendship in her journey. Meeting in Dubai, where Lohan resides, their friendship blossomed quickly thanks to their mutual friend, chef Michael Mina. Their bond is so strong that it extends to their families, with Lohan and Shammas enjoying double dates with Curry and her husband, NBA superstar Steph Curry. These gatherings are more than just social occasions; they're a testament to the importance of close connections and shared experiences, especially among friends living in the public eye.

These double dates, often involving card games, cooking sessions, or movie nights, emphasize the significance of casual, intimate moments away from the glare of public scrutiny. "Then you can chat and hang," Lohan explained, highlighting the relaxed and genuine nature of these get-togethers. This balance of public and private life, especially when navigated alongside friends who understand the unique pressures of fame, is crucial for maintaining personal well-being and fostering lasting relationships.

Lohan and Shammas's bicontinental lifestyle, split between Dubai and the U.S., alongside their friendships and family life, paints a picture of a life rich with love, friendship, and the pursuit of happiness, regardless of the complexities of a life lived in the spotlight.