Lucky Daye Praises Bruno Mars as a Musical Genius in Collaborative Effort

Lucky Daye's latest album, Algorithm, has drawn attention not only for its soulful R&B vibes but also for a standout collaboration with Grammy-winning artist Bruno Mars.

Lucky Daye Praises Bruno Mars as a Musical Genius in Collaborative Effort
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The track "That’s You," co-written by Mars, showcases their musical synergy and mutual admiration.

In a recent interview with Variety, Daye expressed his profound respect for Mars, describing him as a "genius" whose musical influence has been pivotal in his career. Reflecting on their collaboration, Daye emphasized how Mars' approach to songwriting and his ability to capture Motown-inspired sounds deeply inspired him.

"Working with Bruno was like a dream come true," Daye shared. "He brought ideas that resonated with me personally, and his dedication to capturing my essence in the music was incredibly touching."

Daye, known for his songwriting contributions to artists like Beyoncé and Usher, also revealed the creative process behind tracks on Algorithm, including the tribute to DMX in his song "Mary," which pays homage to the late rapper's iconic style.

Featuring collaborations with artists like Raye and Teddy Swims, Algorithm marks Daye's return after his Grammy-nominated album Candydrip. Mars, meanwhile, has been focusing on his supergroup Silk Sonic with Anderson .Paak, which earned critical acclaim and multiple Grammy Awards.

As both artists continue to innovate and inspire in the R&B and pop music scenes, Daye's partnership with Mars underscores a creative high point in his evolving career.