Adjacent to Cape Coral, you can find one of the most quaint small towns in Florida! Pronounced “mat-la-SHAY,” Matlacha means “big warrior” in Seminole!

Life Style

A quirky, historic fishing village, Matlacha feels like Key West, minus the crowds. The colorful charm and laidback vibe capture the essence of turn-of-the-century Florida. On a walking tour, you’ll see pink palm trees, dolphins painted with polka dots, and one-of-a-kind homes painted in neon colors.

When you visit Matlacha Pass, you’ll always see an angler reeling in a big catch! Known as the “World’s Fishing-est Bridge,” a tidal current runs beneath that sweeps in snook, redfish, and tarpon.

After, you have to pass by the “Doll Lady’s” House. She decorates her front yard with her collection of “junktiques.” You’ll be charmed by hobby horses and rag dolls sitting in salvaged garden chairs.

Matlacha Village is also home to renowned international artist Leoma Lovegrove. Her eclectic, colorful artistic medium has influenced the entire village. In her gallery, you’ll find her vibrant paintings displayed throughout a whimsical garden.