Miami’s Acclaimed Banksy Exhibit Takes You Into The Mind Of The Elusive Artist

Immerse yourself in all things Banksy at this exciting exhibit taking Miami by storm!

Miami’s Acclaimed Banksy Exhibit Takes You Into The Mind Of The Elusive Artist
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As soon as the Art Of Banksy: Without Limits exhibition opened in Miami last month, people were raving about it—and rightfully so. The experience takes you into the world of the most famous street artist in the world, unveiling his secretive persona through 155 of his iconic pieces. From revelation-filled footage to special replicas, a mysterious Banksy universe awaits at the heart of Miami’s Ice Palace Studios.

Banksy has always been unafraid to make a statement. His work is notably satirical, providing uncomfortable but needed commentary on sociopolitical issues around the world. At this exhibition, you’ll learn even more about his opinions, his questioning, and ultimately—his values. Nothing is off-limits: expect conversations surrounding environmental issues, capitalism, major corporations, and much more.

Art Of Banksy: Without Limits features a life-size recreation of a London Underground station, reminiscent of Banksy’s famous spray painting on tube train cars. Very quickly, new revelations on the artist and his opinionated pieces come to the forefront. The immersive multimedia exhibit highlights the full timeline of the street artist’s work, diving into Banksy’s creative process. Multiple short documentaries play throughout the experience, allowing you to process and understand the pieces in an introspective light.

Over 40 original works will be featured, along with reproduced pieces that use an ultra-realistic printing technique. It’s a known fact: Banksy’s work is highly protected and has been sold at a few auctions for millions of dollars, and this exhibit will give you the rare opportunity to come face-to-face with the street artist’s most precious pieces. But you’ll also come across multimedia art like photos, sculptures, digital installations, murals, as well as a 360 sensory experience in the infinity room! In addition, the world of street art truly comes to life in the true to life recreation of London’s Underground, which you can enter to experience a projection mapping show.