Nicki Minaj Apologizes to Fans for Postponing Amsterdam Concert After Her Arrest

Nicki Minaj has issued an apology to her Amsterdam fans following her arrest in the Netherlands. The rapper, 41, was detained by Dutch police for allegedly “carrying drugs” and subsequently released from custody

Nicki Minaj Apologizes to Fans for Postponing Amsterdam Concert After Her Arrest
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Minaj expressed her regret over canceling her Amsterdam show, part of her Pink Friday 2 World Tour, and met with supporters outside her hotel in Manchester, England, to convey her apologies.

“I love you, and I’m so sorry this happened tonight,” Minaj said in a video shared by a fan account on social media. On X (formerly Twitter), she reacted to her arrest, thanking "everyone who prayed for me today" and added, "May God cover you & all that is connected to you. May you be blessed beyond your imagination."

Minaj elaborated on the circumstances that led to the show's cancellation, explaining that after spending 5-6 hours in jail, her flight was further delayed by 20 minutes. Despite the flight being only 50 minutes long, the delay prevented her from performing. She stated that the venue was willing to extend past its usual closing time to accommodate her performance, but the delay made it impossible.

Minaj accused the authorities of deliberately thwarting her efforts to perform, claiming, "So they succeeded at their plan to not let me get on that stage tonight. I succeeded @ getting to the root of it all by recording them & posting everything in real time." She added that she has substantial video evidence and intends to have her lawyers handle the situation.

In her heartfelt message to fans, Minaj asked for their understanding, saying, "They sure did know exactly how to hurt me today but this too, shall pass." She assured her supporters that she would make up for the canceled show and provide an added bonus for those who had tickets. Minaj confirmed that her upcoming shows in Birmingham and Manchester would proceed as planned.

Minaj initially recorded her arrest during an Instagram Live session, which was later shared on X by a fan account. In the video, officers informed her that she was "under arrest" for "carrying drugs" and instructed her to enter a van to be taken to the police station. Another video posted on her Instagram showed a man in a suit explaining that officers wanted to search her luggage again because she had filmed them.

Minaj alleged in a series of posts on X that the arrest was an attempt to "sabotage my tour," claiming that individuals were being paid to undermine her success due to the financial losses they faced. She stated, "They’re being paid big money to try to sabotage my tour b/c soooooo many ppl are mad that it’s this successful & they can’t eat off me."