Nicole Kidman Says Her Mom, 83, Is Still 'So Involved in What I Wear'

Nicole Kidman is forever a fashionista, and it comes from the women in her family.

Nicole Kidman Says Her Mom, 83, Is Still 'So Involved in What I Wear'
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While out at the Planet OMEGA pop-up launch on Thursday, the actress explained how over the years, her grandmother and mother have both influenced her own flair for fashion.

"I love fashion. I've always loved fashion," Kidman, 56, tells at the event, which was held at New York City's Chelsea Factory.

"I grew up as a little girl with a grandmother that loved fashion and could sew and my mother the same. They loved beautiful clothes. They could make beautiful clothes," she says, adding, "I watched them sew, embroider, and knit, crochet. And I think when you grow up seeing the people in your household do that, then you love that."

"And my mother is still — she's so involved in what I wear," the longtime OMEGA ambassador, who wore a chic black Balenciaga off-the-shoulder gown, explains of her mom Janelle, 83.

When the Oscar winner, who posed with the train of her dress looped around her wrist, was asked if her mom weighed in on the black cut-out dress she wore to the CMA Awards show this week, she reveals, "I haven't heard yet. I don’t know if that’s a good sign!," adding "She didn't text me!"

Kidman attended the Wednesday awards show with her husband of 17 years, country star Keith Urban, who complemented his wife's bold style with his own swagger on the carpet, opting for a black tye-die shirt with rolled-up sleeves, black pants and chunky black shoes.

Kidman is known for her fun, bold approach to fashion, and in July, she spoke about her decision to wear a tiny Miu Miu miniskirt and matching bralette on the cover of Vanity Fair's 2022 Hollywood Issue.

“I make the most random, crazy choices. I call them ‘teenage choices’ because I just don’t ever think of consequences,” she told Australian magazine Stellar in July.

“Part of my brain just doesn’t think like that. I just go, ‘Oh, I’m going to wear that; it reminds me of my school uniform.’ Or, ‘Oh my God, yeah, I’d love to do that,’” she continued. “I try to [stay] in that place because I think otherwise you get scared or worried.”

Elsewhere in interview on Thursday, the OMEGA ambassador also discussed the more traditional, "special" items that have been passed down to her from her grandmother.

"I think when something from generations comes to you, is very, very special," she says. "I have things from my grandmother and you hold them and when they're not in the world, you still have a piece of them and they chose you to carry that."