NOMA Beach

Experience the Magic of NOMA Beach at Redfish by Celebrity Chef Donatella

NOMA Beach
Food & Drink

Nestled within the serene surroundings of Matheson Hammock Park and Marina, NOMA Beach at Redfish emerges as a culinary haven under the helm of celebrity chef Donatella. This Coral Gables jewel stands out as the only waterfront dining escapade, offering guests unparalleled ocean views and a mesmerizing ambiance that makes every visit memorable.

Boasting a stunning rooftop patio, NOMA Beach at Redfish invites you to bask in breathtaking ocean vistas while enjoying a meal that transcends the ordinary. Whether you're planning a surprise engagement, looking for the perfect spot for happy hour, celebrating a graduation dinner, or simply dining out with friends, this venue guarantees an experience filled with delight and surprises.

The restaurant's design thoughtfully blends indoor elegance with outdoor allure, ensuring a comfortable and scenic dining experience regardless of where you choose to sit. It's this unique combination of location, ambiance, and culinary excellence that makes NOMA Beach at Redfish a must-visit destination in Coral Gables.

Chef Donatella's passion for seafood, infused with her Italian roots, is evident in every dish served, promising a gastronomic journey that's both authentic and innovative. As a hidden gem on the waterfront, NOMA Beach at Redfish is more than just a restaurant—it's a celebration of fine dining, breathtaking views, and unforgettable moments.