Party till dawn at E11EVEN Miami

E11EVEN MIAMI is one of Miami’s hottest clubs, and if you’re in town looking to party, then you won’t be disappointed because the party is always going here.

Party till dawn at E11EVEN Miami
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The club has a rooftop lounge and live DJs as well as burlesque dancers, acrobats, and of course, an extensive drink menu. With many options for drinks and food, you can spend hours on end here without having to be the first to leave the party. The club is also pretty massive, with outdoor spaces, dining areas, lounge areas, and a dancefloor, so each area of the club has a different feel. The neon-lit dancefloor is packed at almost all hours as they are open for 24 hours. On top of their drink menu, they also have a food menu and a dining area that is just as nice as the rest of the club. This establishment is ranked as not only one of the best nightclubs in Miami but in the entire country.