Peanut Island

Near the Lake Worth Inlet, you’ll find one of the best spots for snorkeling in South Florida in West Palm Beach. Just off the coast of Riviera Beach, mask up and dive in at Peanut Island!

Peanut Island
Life Style

Named for its original function as a shipping terminal for a peanut oil production plant, Peanut Island is only 79 acres, but its small size provides a quiet intimacy perfect for your next day trip.

Because the waters are a pristine turquoise, Peanut Island boasts great snorkeling sites in the lagoon! The rock breakwaters have become an artificial reef that houses incredible marine life.

In the calm waters through the mangrove channels, you’ll be able to see parrotfish, starfish, lobsters, sea sponges, barracuda, shrimps, and crabs! If you’re lucky, you might see a Green moray eel popping his head out of the rocks to say hello!

Because you can’t drive to Peanut Island, getting there might seem daunting. You can take a water taxi for $10, or simply kayak the 300 yards to get there.