Pink Visits Philadelphia Amusement Park with Kids and Wears Fun Masks: 'Papa Got Us Disguises'

Pink is going undercover with her kids!

Pink Visits Philadelphia Amusement Park with Kids and Wears Fun Masks: 'Papa Got Us Disguises'
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On Saturday, the “TRUSTFALL” singer, 44, posted a series of photos and video that showed her and her kids — son Jameson, 6, and daughter Willow, 12 — on a fun trip to an amusement park in Pennsylvania.

“Hershey Park for the win. RVs for days- rollercoasters and arcades…,” Pink — who grew up in an area close to Philadelphia — captioned her latest post on Instagram. “I haven’t been in these woods since I was four! Philly hometown I’m coming in hot!”

 Pink Visits Philadelphia Amusement Park With Kids, Wears Fun Masks: 'Papa Got Us Disguises'

“You’re welcome home to visit us anytime! ????????,” Hersheypark — which is located around 100 miles northeast of Philadelphia — wrote in response in the comments.

In one video shared, Pink sat in the backseat of a car in between Willow and Jameson, who she shares with husband Carey Hart.

“Here we are in Hershey," Pink said in the clip. "We flew in special for the RV show, because mama wants to walk up and down the aisles and look into other people’s RVs. And papa got us — what do you call it? Disguises."

The singer then pulled out various fun masks that she distributed to her kids.

“Here Jamo’, you want to be Batman, right?” Pink asked, handing a Batman mask to Jameson. “Yeah,” he replid. “And are you Bluey?” the singer asked Willow, handing her a mask also. “I’m Batman!” Jameson was heard shouting after trying his on.

“And I’m going to be…," Pink said, before putting on a Mario mask. "I feel like this is really going to make us super incognito,” she added as laughter was heard in the background. “Is that good? Now you can’t tell it's me, right? Here we come RV show!”

Proud of her disguise, Pink also posted a selfie of her wearing her mask in the car.

The fun masks weren't worn for the entire day out, however, as the singer and Jameson posed without them in another snap. Pink stood behind the 6-year-old in front of a blue sign on a wall that read, "Are you the next Pop Star?" Pink raised her hand as Jameson poked his tongue out playfully.

The following photo showed Jameson and Willow smiling as they sat together in a carriage on a ride. A final snap showed Jameson flashing a big grin as he stood in an arcade.

On Friday, Pink shared another adorable family-focused post — son Jameson getting in costume as another comic book character as he dressed up as Spider-Man on her Instagram Story. In the short clip, Jameson stood in front of a bookshelf unmasked as he whipped his hand out toward the camera, pretending to shoot a web at it, embodying the iconic superhero.

The fun family amusement park trip comes in the middle of the United States leg of Pink's Summer Carnival world tour, which launched in Europe.

The next two shows on the tour, Monday and Tuesday next week, will be performed at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.