Planta is the best places to eat in South Beach if looking for a plant based menu! For Chef David Lee he believes plant based food can be innovative, sustainable, delicious and beautifully presented. Planta has a rooftop garden at the restaurant to provide fruits and vegetables year round!

Food & Drink

Try the sushi made with watermelon, avocado, miso truffle glaze or hearts of palm. Snack on cauliflower tots, stuffed mushrooms, truffle fries or spring rolls. Or perhaps coconut ceviche, steamed dumplings, nachos with everything but meat.

Main dishes include Planta burger, lettuce wraps with Korean cauliflower, udon noodles with a mushroom cream sauce, pizzas like the Godfather with cashew mozzarella, mushroom bacon and peppers or Frenchie with squash, mushrooms, almond Parmesan and arugula.