Prince William Set to Attend FA Cup Final Amid Reduced Royal Duties

The Prince of Wales is gearing up for one of his favorite sporting events as royal duties slow down due to the U.K.'s general election campaign.

Prince William Set to Attend FA Cup Final Amid Reduced Royal Duties
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Prince William, 41, will attend the FA Cup final between Manchester City and Manchester United at London's Wembley Stadium on Saturday.

As President of the Football Association, Prince William will present the trophy to the winning team and greet the players before the match kicks off. Despite the general election prompting the postponement or cancellation of several royal engagements, William is making an exception for this high-profile event.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a surprise general election to take place on July 4, leading to the cancellation of numerous royal engagements, including those planned by King Charles and Prince William. The royal family aims to avoid any activities that might divert attention from the election campaign, adhering to their constitutionally non-political stance.

Prince William is an avid soccer fan and a regular at the FA Cup final. He often attends matches with his son, Prince George, who shares his father's passion for the sport. Recently, they were seen cheering for their favorite team, Aston Villa, during a match against French team Lille.

The upcoming FA Cup final promises to be an exciting match, with Manchester City and Manchester United facing off again after last year's victory by Manchester City. As the royal family navigates the election period, they will temporarily step back from public engagements, ensuring their actions do not interfere with the political process.

Stay tuned to see how the royal family's schedule unfolds over the next six weeks as they balance their duties with the ongoing election campaign.