R-Evolution™: Marco Cochrane Sculpture

Dates: Now through April 30, 2024 Location: 400 Block of Lincoln Road Time: All day

R-Evolution™: Marco Cochrane Sculpture

Experience the iconic R-Evolution™ sculpture by Marco Cochrane, right on Lincoln Road. Originally premiered at Burning Man, this monumental sculpture is being showcased on the East Coast for the first time. R-Evolution™ is the third and final piece in Cochrane's acclaimed The Bliss Project series, standing as a towering tribute to feminine strength and liberation.

Sculpture Details:

  • Height: 45 feet
  • Weight: 32,000 pounds
  • Features: Includes 16 motors in the chest to simulate breathing, emphasizing the unconscious energies that women radiate into the world.


  • Daytime: The sculpture’s metal surface captures and reflects the sunlight.
  • Nighttime: Illuminated with vibrant RGB LED lights, transforming its appearance and the surrounding area.

Significance: R-Evolution™ challenges societal views, urging a look beyond the sexualization of the female form, and appreciating the power and energy of femininity. This sculpture is a significant piece of contemporary art, having been displayed at locations including the Smithsonian Art Museum and Resorts World.

Why Visit?

  • Artistic Marvel: Marvel at a kinetic sculpture that combines art, technology, and social message.
  • Cultural Experience: Engage with a piece that has been a highlight at Burning Man, bringing a piece of that transformative cultural event to Miami.
  • Photographic Opportunity: Capture stunning images of the sculpture, especially during its nighttime illumination.