'Ready to Love' Teases Life-Changing Love Decisions in New Orleans — and a Suitor with 17 Cats

Presented with 25 bachelors, four Ready To Love alums “each need to decide if any of the men are worthy for them to make a move permanently to New Orleans for a fresh start at life and love — or if they’ll return back to their own homes still searching for ‘the one,’ ” according to a logline for the show.

'Ready to Love' Teases Life-Changing Love Decisions in New Orleans — and a Suitor with 17 Cats
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Shareese Logan from Ready to Love season 6 raises a glass as all the ladies toast to finding their happily ever after. “Cheers to this. We all deserve the best.”

Snippets of their fun and flirty dates appear, which include getting to know their potential significant others on a deeper level. For instance, one male suitor reveals to season 4 veteran Zadia Murphy, “I have 17 cats.”

Alongside sizzling shots of the men, host Lee explains to the women, “It’s simple. Keep the man that you can build a relationship with and let go of that weaker connection.”

“And as always, all of the men are fair game,” she teases.

“So I heard you went out on a date with Zadia,” asks season 1 alum Ashlee Akins. “But you were better,” the bachelor candidly responds.

Verneashia Allen from season 3 of the original OWN dating show informs her date, “You are a priority, but my options are still open.”

Sharing men and a home, the women start to feel a sense of “betrayal” from each other, as well as a need to implement “rules” for “no guys in the house.”

The end goal is to settle down with the love of their life, which leads the ladies to contemplate if their connections are worth the move.

“I just want you to understand the things that are important to me,” Shareese tearily tells one man. “It’s just a big decision.”

Meanwhile, another suitor reassures her, “Imma do whatever it takes. Hopefully, you might not want to go back to Miami.”

Viewers will just have to tune in to see how their favorites’ second chance at love unfolds.