Reneé Rapp Says Her ‘Insane’ Time on Broadway Prepared Her for ‘Anything’: ‘It Made My Voice a Machine’

Reneé Rapp’s career has exploded over the past year as she gears up for an international tour, but the singer credits her start in theater for giving her an edge in the industry.

Reneé Rapp Says Her ‘Insane’ Time on Broadway Prepared Her for ‘Anything’: ‘It Made My Voice a Machine’
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“Eight shows a week is the hardest thing ever,” Rapp says of her run as Regina George in Mean Girls on Broadway that started in 2019. “I was dying. It's insane, but it definitely– it was like bootcamp.”

Rapp adds, “and to point out, I had a princess track, I wasn't doing s---,” referring to a term in musical theater used to describe a role that isn’t on stage for a majority of the show, but is integral to the plot. 

 Renee Rapp attends the reception for the Los Angeles premiere of HBO Max's

But overall, the experience “made me work really hard, and made me really resilient.” 

The “Snow Angel” singer also noted some of the unintended perks that came with the intense environment on Broadway. “It made my voice a machine,” she said. 

“I figured out how to manipulate my voice in all these different ways so that you can't tell if I don't feel as good one night or the other,” she explained. 

Rapp was discovered after being awarded “best performance by an actress” at the 2018 Jimmys, otherwise known as the Tonys of high school theater. She assumed the role of Regina George in 2019 before shutting down and closing during the pandemic, but will be reprising her role as Regina in the Mean Girls: The Musical movie adaptation. 

New, the singer is preparing to kick off her Snow Hard Feelings Tour for her debut album Snow Angel Sept. 15. 

“I absolutely don't switch up at all. I eat the same things every single day pretty much,” Rapp explained. “Being that I have a sensitive stomach, I can only eat certain things. So a lot of the bowl is just based on what my body can be fueled by during the day and at night.” 

Rapp’s bowl is made up of roasted tofu, cilantro, cucumbers, red onions, shredded cabbage, spicy broccoli and tomatoes on a spring mix bed and is doused in the salad chain’s spicy cashew dressing.