Sabrina Carpenter's Unforgettable SNL Debut: 'I'm Sooooo Not Chill

Sabrina Carpenter rocked the stage on Saturday Night Live's season 49 finale, delivering an electrifying performance of her hit single 'Espresso.' Here's why she's anything but 'chill' about the unforgettable moment.

Sabrina Carpenter's Unforgettable SNL Debut: 'I'm Sooooo Not Chill
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Sabrina Carpenter's debut as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live's season 49 finale was nothing short of sensational. The 25-year-old singer took center stage to perform her chart-topping single "Espresso," and the excitement was palpable.

Sharing a snippet from her unforgettable performance on Instagram, Carpenter couldn't contain her enthusiasm. Reflecting on the exhilarating moment, she wrote, "Literally working late cuz I’m a singer @nbcsnl thank you for having us I’m sooooo not chill about it and never will be."

In addition to "Espresso," Carpenter treated fans to a mesmerizing medley of her tracks "Feather" and "Nonsense," showcasing her versatile talent and magnetic stage presence.

Carpenter's SNL debut received extra buzz when Adele, during her Las Vegas residency show, hilariously referenced the lyrics to "Espresso." Sharing the moment on social media, Carpenter couldn't help but joke about the unexpected shoutout, proving that even superstars like Adele are fans of her music.

As SNL gears up for its milestone 50th season in the fall, Carpenter's unforgettable debut will surely be remembered as a standout moment in the show's illustrious history.

From her electrifying performances to her infectious energy, Sabrina Carpenter continues to captivate audiences worldwide, proving that she's a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Here's to many more show-stopping moments from this talented star!