Safety Harbor

On the west shore of Tampa Bay, you’ll find a small community in Pinellas County tucked away. Less than 5,000 people live here, and the town is only five square miles.

Safety Harbor
Life Style

The downtown stretch of Main Street is lined with trees, family restaurants, small shops, and boutiques. This small-town feel is absent in the heavily urbanized Pinellas County, making Safety Harbor a cultural gem.

Main Street dead-ends into the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, which offers affordable treatments using Florida’s natural springs for the family. The town is so charming, Lifetime even filmed one of their movies in Safety Harbor!

Make sure to visit Whimzeyland, a small home that uses bowling balls, mosaics, and glass bottles to create a place where color explodes non-stop. This is a private residence, and while visitors are welcome to explore the grounds, please be respectful.