Savor Authentic Japanese Cuisine at VARSOL Sushi Bar

Discover the essence of Japan in the heart of Coconut Grove. VARSOL Sushi Bar combines tradition, modernity, and Miami's vibrant lifestyle.

Savor Authentic Japanese Cuisine at VARSOL Sushi Bar
Food & Drink

Located in the heart of Coconut Grove, VARSOL Sushi Bar offers an unparalleled Japanese dining experience. Drawing on over 25 years of expertise from the renowned AKASHI restaurant, VARSOL blends traditional Japanese techniques with a modern ambiance, perfectly complementing Miami's dynamic social scene.

Our menu features the freshest and highest quality ingredients, including fish delivered daily from around the world, ensuring an authentic and flavorful culinary journey. Enjoy an array of meticulously crafted sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese delicacies, each prepared to highlight the exquisite taste and texture of the finest ingredients.

Complement your meal with a selection from our exclusive bar, where fresh ingredients and premium liquors create a diverse menu of crafted cocktails, wines, sakes, special beers, and non-alcoholic beverages. Every drink is designed to enhance the culinary experience, offering perfect pairings for our dishes.

Finish your meal on a sweet note with our homemade desserts, crafted by our expert pastry chef. Inspired by chocolate, fruits, and exotic flavors, our desserts promise a delightful explosion of taste that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

The modern greenhouse patio, terrace, and bar provide the perfect setting for any occasion, whether it's a casual lunch, an elegant dinner, or a special event. At VARSOL Sushi Bar, we create memorable dining experiences that blend the best of tradition and modernity.

Join us at VARSOL Sushi Bar and immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors and atmosphere of authentic Japanese cuisine