Sawfish Bay Park

On Florida’s Atlantic coast, Jupiter is one of the best destinations for canoeing in Florida. Through the blue-green brackish waters, you’ll come face to face with the best of Florida’s scenery.

Sawfish Bay Park
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Jupiter provides many opportunities for kayaking adventures: intracoastal highways, oceans, and even the Indian River. Among these, the waters of Sawfish Bay Park are our favorite for kayaking in Florida.

Inside 2.5 acres along the waterway, you’ll find a launch dedicated only to kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards. You won’t have to worry about the wake from other boats here!

Along the waters, you’ll take in stunning vistas of the Jupiter Lighthouse and the Jupiter Sandbar.

Sawfish Bay Park is a coveted slice of paradise that people really don’t know about. When the locals care this deeply about a park, you know its for a good reason.

If you’re not navigating the Jupiter Waterway Trail, you can also enjoy a fishing pier and a boardwalk along the waterway.

There is not a place to rent kayaks within the park, but you can find many rental companies directly in the park’s vicinity.