Scope out the Wynwood Walls

When you first arrive at the Wynwood Walls in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, it appears that Miami’s graffiti artists have run rampant. However, make no mistake, the graffiti you’re seeing is art.

Scope out the Wynwood Walls
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The Wynwood Walls were conceived in 2009 as a way to transform the many windowless warehouse buildings located in Wynwood and increase pedestrian traffic in the area. In addition to the massive murals, the area inside the walls was also revitalized with boulders and trees to create a park-like atmosphere.

The project has been an overwhelming success with 50 artists from more than two dozen different countries that have contributed to the Wynwood Walls. And now even more artwork can be seen throughout the streets of Wynwood as more buildings have been transformed into artistic pops of colors, making this neighborhood a must-see during a day in Miami.