Shakira Focuses on Family and Music, Not Dating: "What Space Do I Have for a Man Right Now?

Shakira opens up about prioritizing her children and career over dating in a candid interview with Rolling Stone.

Shakira Focuses on Family and Music, Not Dating:
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In a recent Rolling Stone cover story, Shakira, the global music icon, revealed that dating is not on her agenda as she prepares to embark on a world tour starting in November. The 47-year-old singer emphasized that her focus remains squarely on her children, Milan and Sasha, and her thriving music career.

"What space do I have for a man right now?" Shakira pondered, reflecting on her priorities as a mother and artist. Her perspective is deeply influenced by her commitment to ensuring her kids' emotional and psychological well-being, following her separation from former partner Gerard Piqué after 11 years together.

Despite her candid acknowledgment of liking men, Shakira humorously noted, "I shouldn’t like them with everything that’s happened to me, but imagine how much I like men that I still like them." She emphasized that any potential formal relationship would require careful consideration of her children's readiness and welfare.

While she remains open to friendships, Shakira underscored her newfound independence and resilience following her split. "Through this process, I became stronger than I thought I was," she shared. "I became a more independent person, one who doesn’t rely on anyone but herself and her wolf pack."

Shakira's recent album, Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran, released in March, reflects her renewed focus and creative freedom since becoming single. She attributed her ability to complete a cohesive body of work to this newfound independence, highlighting how it has empowered her creatively.

As she prepares for her upcoming tour and continues to prioritize her children and music, Shakira remains steadfast in her journey of personal growth and empowerment, navigating life with resilience and determination.