Shep Rose Says Austen Kroll 'Should Have Known Better' Than to Hook Up with Taylor Ann Green

The new season of Southern Charm will see Austen Kroll getting a little too friendly with his friend Shep Rose’s ex-girlfriend Taylor Ann Green.

Shep Rose Says Austen Kroll 'Should Have Known Better' Than to Hook Up with Taylor Ann Green
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But Kroll, 36, tells PEOPLE, “I don't think it's as cut and dry as the trailer or the news [that] has leaked about what went on between us.”

 “We hadn't talked or seen each other for a while, so it wasn't that there was a lot of interactions before. You'll see that on the season, just trying to navigate where we see each other next as friends.”

Flowers, 31, bonded with Rose’s ex-girlfriend Green, 28, over being single.

“I was really excited about having more time with Taylor in this season just because we had gotten so close off camera,” she shares. “It was exciting to have the time to show Olivia and Taylor, not so much as us being like the girlfriends of Austen and Shep.”

Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green

Green acknowledges that when her friendship with Kroll turned into something more, it “drew a wedge between myself and a really good friend [Olivia].”

She continues, “I take full blame for everything that transpired and how I handled the situation and the things I said and how I acted. That was really tough. I think that there's a lot of forgiveness that can be had. That's a big thing this year — there's a lot of forgiveness and tough love.”

Flowers says her friendship with Green remains affected.

“We're certainly not in the place we were this time last year,” Flowers acknowledges. “I don't necessarily know if we'll ever get back to that place. She recently went through something very tragic and difficult and I reached out then because that's really all that matters, none of the other drama. But there's a lot more distance there with us.”

Olivia Flowers

Though Rose decided he didn’t want “to throw away” his friendship with Kroll, Rose says, “I wouldn't trust him very much around a girl I liked in the near future and beyond.”

Rose hopes Kroll “learned a lesson” from the situation.

“I hope he crossed an honesty threshold and has changed,” Rose says. “And maybe we'll be closer for it. At the time, we're pretty close, at the current moment we are. I don't want to seem like a weakling by not holding him to task, but you'll have to watch this season.”