Shop for Sponges in Tarpon Springs

Not many visitors to Florida know of Tarpon Springs and its historic sponge docks, but this unique attraction is located just 30 miles northeast of Tampa.

Shop for Sponges in Tarpon Springs
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In the old days, Tarpon Springs flourished due to the presence of the sponge industry. The natural sponges which grew abundantly in the waters near Tarpon Springs were harvested and many Greeks immigrated to the city as sponge divers. As a result, the city has a strong Greek heritage which can be seen in many Greek eateries on Dodecanese Blvd and the celebration of Greek festivals like Ephiphany.

The best thing to do in Tarpon Springs is to board a sponge diving cruise departing from the historic sponge docks. Other great things to do in Tarpon Springs include shopping for sponges, antiques, and artisan goods like olive oil, cheese, and handmade soap. Tarpon Springs truly is one of Florida’s last hidden gems.