Silhouettes: Image and Word in the Harlem Renaissance

Dates: Ongoing through June 23, 2024 Location: The Wolfsonian-FIU, Miami, FL Schedule: Weekly on Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday Hours: Wednesday-Thursday & Saturday-Sunday: 10 AM - 6 PM | Friday: 10 AM - 9 PM

 Silhouettes: Image and Word in the Harlem Renaissance

Explore a pivotal chapter in African American cultural history with the exhibition "Silhouettes: Image and Word in the Harlem Renaissance" at The Wolfsonian-FIU. This exhibit revisits the Harlem Renaissance, an era that defined early 20th-century African American art, showcasing a blend of literary, visual, and musical innovations that reshaped the portrayal of Black life in America.

Exhibition Highlights:

  • Focus on Collaboration: The exhibition emphasizes the creative partnerships between Harlem Renaissance artists and writers, highlighting their joint efforts in producing illustrated books that confronted and countered racial stereotypes.

  • Historical Context: "Silhouettes" offers insights into how these artistic expressions not only reflected but also influenced the socio-political dynamics of the time, promoting a message of self-determination and racial pride.

  • Curated Expertise: Organized by The Wolfsonian-FIU and curated by Christopher Norwood of Hampton Art Lovers, with insights from Shawn Christian, a professor of English at Florida International University, and staff at Wolfsonian.

Sponsorship and Support: The exhibition is supported by the Cowles Charitable Trust, the Tamara L. Harris Foundation, and the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau’s Art of Black Miami initiative, ensuring that the legacy and impact of the Harlem Renaissance continue to inspire.

Visiting the Exhibition: "Silhouettes" is an opportunity to delve deep into the Harlem Renaissance through the prism of artistic collaboration. It provides a profound understanding of how art can serve as a vehicle for cultural expression and societal change. Whether you are a history buff, art enthusiast, or someone interested in the African American experience, this exhibition promises an enriching and enlightening experience.