Simone Biles Celebrates Friend's Bachelorette Party with Cookies, 'Spiked Lemonade' and 'Game Night'

Simone Biles squeezed in some time to let loose with her friends.

Simone Biles Celebrates Friend's Bachelorette Party with Cookies, 'Spiked Lemonade' and 'Game Night'
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The Olympic gymnast, 26, took a night off from her training on Friday to celebrate her BFF Rachel Moore's bachelorette party. Biles shared highlights of the festivities on her Instagram Story, beginning with a snapshot of the bride-to-be dressed in white and enjoying a sushi dinner.

"Let the bach begin," the athlete wrote on the photo, tagging Moore.

Biles also posted a clip of her, Moore and another off-camera friend clinking their pink drinks, captioning it with a series of lemon emojis in a nod to the night's theme. She also shared a pic of a tray of lemon-inspired sugar cookies, some of which were decorated with Moore's upcoming wedding date and the playful phrase, "She found her main squeeze."

The group enjoyed a game night after dinner — but with a bachelorette twist. Biles' Story included a photo of a drinking game called "Tipsy Land," an adult version of the kids' classic Candy Land. The four-time Gold medalist later revealed the women's drink of choice — "spiked lemonade" — in a clip of them all clinking their cans in a cheers to Moore.

Later in the evening, Biles and her friends changed into their pajamas and had a little dance-off. "Okkkkuuurrrrrr. We all learned line dancing in school — such a Texas thing," Biles joked in the caption of a clip capturing the women laughing as they did a coordinated dance.

The fun night was likely a welcome break for Biles, who has been hard at work training and recently revealed that she has her sights set on competing at the Paris 2024 Olympics. “Right now I would say that’s the path that I would love to go,” she declared while appearing on the Today show Thursday.

After a two-year break from the sport, Biles is back and stronger than ever. Last month, she made her first competition appearance since the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, effortlessly dominating the competition at the Core Hydration Classic in Illinois on Aug. 5. She followed up that win by clinching her eighth national title at the U.S. Gymnastics Championship on Aug. 27.

During her Today appearance, however, Biles admitted that she's being “a little bit more cautious” as she eases back into training and competing. She notably withdrew from the team competition and later, all-around events, at the Tokyo Olympics, at the time citing mental health issues — which she called "the twisties" — that made it difficult and dangerous for her to execute the complicated skills.

“Everything we’re doing leading up to this next Games, or whatever, is very intentional,” she said, adding that she's focused on making sure she nurtures her health, both physically and mentally.

“I think I have to take care of myself a little bit more and listen to my body and making sure I’m making time for the important things in my life, rather than before it was just like go, go, go and then making time after,” she explained.

“This time around, it’s being intentional, going to therapy, making sure everything is aligned so I can do the best in the gym and be like, a good wife, good daughter, good friend — all the good things.”