Snap a Picture of Robert the Doll

Some say the fun never stops on Key West. Others say there is a spiritual power trapped on this small island. You see, the dead can’t cross the water, and the island of Key West has a dark and haunted past.

 Snap a Picture of Robert the Doll
Life Style

One of the most unusual things you can do when you visit Key West is to meet Robert the Doll, who lives at the Fort East Martello Museum. According to legend, this wooden doll was given to a young Robert Eugene Otto by one of his parent’s disgruntled servants who cursed it with voodoo and black magic. Robert brought terror and misfortune to his original owner and to many others who have crossed his path since.

Robert has one rule, which is you may not take his picture without first asking for permission. Apology letters adorn the wall surrounding his glass enclosure from visitors who took his photo without permission. These unlucky photographers bore his curse, facing one catastrophe after another until there was nothing left to do but beg for forgiveness.

Snap a photo of Robert so you can show your friends back home, but don’t even think about not asking his permission first!