Solomon’s Castle

Tucked away in the Florida woods lies one man’s dream turned reality. Built by Howard Solomon entirely out of aluminum, Solomon’s Castle is a testament to determination and artistry!

Solomon’s Castle
Life Style

Just to the east of Sarasota, Solomon’s Castle functions as the home, gallery, and workshop of its creator and builder. Howard Solomon, an internationally renowned artist, sculptor, and painter, has opened up his home to tour his aluminum castle!

Make sure to have lunch at the Boat in the Moat Restaurant. You guessed it, the restaurant is actually in a boat… on a moat! Of course, this born and built from Solomon’s imagination. The medieval themed menu includes salads, sandwiches, and hot plates.

Tours of Solomon’s Castle are available from Tuesday through Saturdays. The Castle is closed to the public every Monday, as well as the entire months of August and September. Tickets start at $18 with discounts available for seniors, children, and students.