Spook Hill

Located in central Florida in the town of Lake Wales, another of the most haunted places in Florida can be found.

Spook Hill
Life Style

One of the reasons Spook Hill is called Spook Hill is because it is a gravity hill. Gravity hills are hills that have a magnetic charge, so when a car is parked in neutral, it gives the illusion that it is rolling uphill, not down.

When pioneers came upon Spook Hill on horseback, they noticed their horses struggled to walk on one side of the hill, even though it appeared to have a downhill slope.

Even before the pioneers, a Native American chief died in battle with an alligator at Spook Hill. It is rumored they are continuing this battle in the afterlife, and that is what has caused Spook Hill’s unusual gravity.

This theory becomes quite creepy when you realize the Native American chief was buried in the same spot that gave pause to the Pioneers’ horses.

So is there something supernatural going on here, or is it just an optical illusion? Visit Spook Hill to decide for yourself!