Strawberry Festival

Synonymous with fall in Florida is the Strawberry Festival which celebrates the annual strawberry harvest of Eastern Hillsborough County! Not only is it one of the best fairs in Florida, but it is also recognized nationally!

Strawberry Festival
Life Style

Because this festival celebrates all things strawberry, you’ve got to bring your sweet tooth. Order up rarities like Amish donuts, super dog mega corndogs, and deep-fried Oreos. But make sure to get the classic: strawberry shortcake.

But no fair would be complete without food-eating contests. Throughout the 11 days of the festival, you’ll find contests for the strangest foods, like strawberry spaghetti, Amish donuts, and deep-fried strawberry pie on a stick!

For a flea-market experience, drop in and cool off at the air-conditioned Neighborhood Village. Vendors sell homemade crafts in what appears to be a sweet neighborhood. Blue ribbon contests are held here for things like jewelry, knitting, and cake decorating.

Showcase tents outside hold exhibitions of commerce. Here you’ll find blue ribbons awarded to photography, goats, livestock, and dairy products! Listen out for “big name” performances on two big concert stages.

For adrenaline junkies, check out the Midway with thrill rides like Pharaoh’s Fury and the Cyclone Coaster. But kiddie rides are available as well, like the Strawberry-Go-Round!