Summer Shorts: Flipping the Script Returns to Miami's Arsht Center

Enjoy a blend of humor, drama, and thought-provoking stories with eight new short plays by talented playwrights.

Summer Shorts: Flipping the Script Returns to Miami's Arsht Center

Miami's beloved annual theater event, Summer Shorts: Flipping the Script, is back at the Arsht Center from June 6 to 23. Presented by City Theatre, this 27th edition promises an engaging and diverse theater experience with performances scheduled weekly on Thursday through Sunday.

This year's production features a fresh collection of eight short plays, crafted by playwrights from Miami and beyond. Known for its innovative approach, Summer Shorts masterfully combines humor, poignant themes, and thought-provoking narratives into a single evening of entertainment.

The talented cast, showcasing South Florida's rising stars, breathes life into these bite-sized plays. Audiences can expect laughter, unexpected twists, and profound moments in stories that range from the absurd to the heartwarming. Highlights of the program include:

An Awkward Conversation in the Shadow of Mount Moriah by John Bavoso: Abraham attempts small talk with Isaac after a near-sacrifice.

This Week in the Land of Democracy by BK King: A pizza night takes a bizarre turn with uncomfortable truths revealed by an algorithm.

Manic Pixie Dream Girl by Rhiannon Ling: Four friends grapple with their archetypes when one breaks free.

The Pros and Cons of Implosion by R.D. Murphy: A car-loving high school senior tackles a rusty Volvo restoration.

Search for an Ending by Karissa Murrell Myers: Three screenwriters struggle to craft the perfect ending for a strong female lead.

Swordfish Grilled (So I Don't Get Sued) by Maleeha Naseer: A glimpse into the morning rush at a neighborhood restaurant.

Leaving Jamaica by Nerissa Street: A young woman receives a life-changing gift before emigrating.

Dickery Pokery by Brandon Urrutia: A man's quest to bring his wife joy leads to a chaotic mall adventure.

Performances are scheduled as follows: Thursdays through Saturdays at 7:30 PM, with additional shows on Saturdays and Sundays at 3:00 PM. Don't miss this unique theater experience that blends various genres and emotions into a memorable evening.