Swizzle Rum Bar & Drinkery

Danilo Božovic came to town to open the Miami Beach outpost of Employees Only after serving as the principal bartender at the flagship in New York, and although the beloved bar has since closed, Božovic’s legacy lives on.

Swizzle Rum Bar & Drinkery
Food & Drink

Today, the bartender is known for his ability to make a consistently poured drink without the use of jiggers or other measuring tools, the likes of which you can find at Swizzle Rum Bar, where rum aficionados can soon witness tiki drink skills to the max. The menu is rum heavy, as you’d imagine, but they are some of the best libations the Magic City has to offer. Then you ask: What if tiki was born in Mexico City? And what if the Zombie was created in Oaxaca? Božovic answers these questions at the Miami Beach cocktail bar at the Viajero Hostels in Miami Beach — one door down from Swizzle at the Stiles Hotel — where Delirio Tiki Bar presents a collaboration between Bozovic and the Swizzle team that offers guests a Miami- and Latin American-themed tiki experience right next door.