'The Kardashians': Kourtney Sobs amid Endless Fight with Kim as She Says 'You're Just a Witch, and I Hate You'

Tensions are still running high between Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney Kardashian Barker in the upcoming season of The Kardashians.

'The Kardashians': Kourtney Sobs amid Endless Fight with Kim as She Says 'You're Just a Witch, and I Hate You'
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In the new trailer for the fourth season of the Hulu series, which debuted on Tuesday, the Poosh founder, 44, admits there has “been a lot of tension,” adding, “It's really hard to watch people talking about you. I don't feel understood.”

On the phone, the SKIMS founder, 42, pushes her sister for answers about the ongoing family strain, asking Kourtney, “Are you happy? You're a different person. You hate us. We all talked about it.”

Kourtney responds, "You're like, adding it into a fight to all have a side,” and Kim adds, “You think things so you're getting riled up. I think things so I'm getting riled up.”

Finally, Kourtney has had enough and breaks down in tears, telling Kim on the phone, “You’re just a witch and I hate you.”

Khloé Kardashian then declares in a confessional, “These things are fixable. It's not going to break us down.”

After Khloé, 39, informs her mom Kris Jenner about the ongoing feud between her sisters, the KarJenner matriarch appears distraught in the trailer.

“I'm not even talking about it anymore,” Kris, 67, says as she wipes away a tear. “Family is the most important thing in my life and it's my responsibility to make sure that I keep my family together.”

Khloé is also dealing with her own drama as she admits she and ex Tristan Thompson are in “really sensitive times” after welcoming their son Tatum in July 2022 following their split.

Kourtney tells Tristan: “I don't think you deserve Khloé.” However, Kris appears to be more forgiving and says the NBA player is “such a hands-on dad.”

Kendall Jenner admits that Kris can be “too nice sometimes” and wants her to be “fierce” for her daughters. Khloé finally confronts Kris, saying, “You're lying right now,” and Kris responds, “Lying about what?”

When Kris responds that she thinks her daughter is "spiraling," Khloé walks away and tells her mom, “I don't deal with people that don't tell the truth.”

While Kourtney shares the moment she revealed she was pregnant at her husband Travis Barker’s show, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, 27, and Kylie Jenner open up about their dating lives. 

Kourtney’s ex Scott Disick asks Kim, “What is going on with you and your dating life?” and she replies, “I just need new vibes.”

Khloé says, “I need people to know that I'm single” and Kendall, who is now dating singer/rapper Bad Bunny, adds: “I’m the worst single person ever.” 

'The Kardashians': Kourtney Sobs amid Endless Fight with Kim That 'You're Just a Witch, and I Hate You'

Kylie, 26, reminds her sister, “These are our years, Kendall. I was 25, you're like 30,” and Kendall clarifies that she is only 27 to which Kylie Cosmetics founder replies, “You’re basically 30.”

Kylie, who has been spotted with Timothée Chalamet, is also embracing her mid-twenties as she says, “I feel like myself again. I feel amazing.”

With ongoing family drama and new relationships, Kim declares, “The dynamic is changing. Everyone's lives are going in different directions.”

Kendall adds, “People think they have us all figured out, but things are not always how they seem.”