The Passover Finale: Mimuna Edition

Date: April 30, 2024 Time: Starting at 8:30 PM Location: Sagamore Hotel South Beach

The Passover Finale: Mimuna Edition


Celebrate the end of Passover with the vibrant "Mimuna Edition" party at the Sagamore Hotel. This event, hosted by JVibe, OK KRISPI, and +972EVENTS, offers a festive atmosphere infused with Moroccan flair, symbolizing the rich cultural mosaic of Morocco. Dance the night away with guest DJs spinning Israeli Top 40 hits, alongside a selection of international beats.


  • Music: A mix of Israeli and international tunes.
  • VIP Experience: Available through table and bottle service options.

Why Attend?

  • Cultural Fusion: Experience a unique blend of Moroccan and Jewish celebrations.
  • Music and Dancing: Enjoy a night filled with lively music and the chance to dance with friends and family.
  • Luxurious Setting: The Sagamore Hotel provides a chic backdrop for this festive night.

Celebrate the conclusion of Passover in a memorable way at The Passover Finale: Mimuna Edition. Whether you're coming for the cultural richness or the lively party atmosphere, this event promises to be a night to remember.