This Magical Light Display Is Opening Today At Pinecrest Gardens

Forest and Field of Light by renowned British artist Bruce Munro will be lighting up Pinecrest Gardens this December!

This Magical Light Display Is Opening Today At Pinecrest Gardens

The season of dazzling light displays is finally upon us and a new display is taking over Pinecrest Gardens this winter!

Featuring more than 6,000 fiber-optic illuminated stemmed glass spheres, the mesmerizing large-scale installation Bruce Munro: Forest and Field of Light will be opening during Art Basel on Saturday, December 4, to bring the gardens to life at night with its beautiful, bright colors. The installation, which will cover nearly two acres of Pinecrest Gardens, takes inspiration from the venue’s unique landscape and vegetation.

“The beauty of this exhibit, set on a botanical stage, will bring our intimate gardens to life at night, as well as provide a breathtaking and otherworldly experience for anyone who attends,” said Alana Perez, Pinecrest Gardens’ executive director. “This is the first time we are opening up our Lower Garden, with its tropical, jungle-like winding paths, for visitors to experience an exhibit unlike any other in South Florida.”

The installation is actually composed of two smaller ones which you’ll be able to catch as you make your way through the gardens. Field of Light will greet visitors as they walk along a garden path around a banyan tree up to Lakeview Terrace, transforming the most iconic vista at Pinecrest Gardens.

Meanwhile, hidden deep in the lower garden, guests will be able to find Forest of Light, a winding and more exotic tropical installation. Here visitors will be invited to take a stroll through a serene and enchanting pathway surrounded by illuminated stems that will take them through the Gardens’ Cypress Slough, Hardwood Hammock and natural rainforest. Immersed in tropical splendor, the illumination will be reflected in streams that surround Turtle Island.

Bruce Munro has worked in the medium of light since the 1980s and Pinecrest Gardens will be the artist’s first opportunity to create outdoor artwork for a tropical forest setting.