Timo Restaurant & Bar

Since opening in 2003, Timo has become a cherished neighborhood landmark, celebrated for Chef Tim Andriola's Italian-Mediterranean cuisine and its rustic, inviting atmosphere.

Timo Restaurant & Bar
Food & Drink

Since its inception in 2003, this landmark establishment has risen to iconic status among neighborhood restaurants, thanks to Chef Tim Andriola's expertly crafted Italian-Mediterranean inspired dishes and the venue's rustic yet warm and welcoming ambiance. It stands as an ideal spot for various dining experiences, whether you're looking for a swift, delicious bite, a cozy and intimate dinner, or a lively gathering spot to enjoy the company of family and friends.

Timo prides itself on a meticulously curated menu that prioritizes the highest quality and freshest ingredients. With offerings that evolve with the seasons, the menu ensures that patrons have access to both enduring favorites and new, innovative dishes. This culinary experience is further enhanced by a comprehensive bar and an expansive selection of wines. To guarantee a spot in this beloved eatery, reservations are highly recommended, underscoring its popularity and the esteem in which it is held by both locals and visitors alike.