Travis Kelce’s Wardrobe Malfunction Becomes Fodder for Podcast Laughs

During a podcast recording session that turned unexpectedly revealing, NFL star Travis Kelce faced a bit of an awkward moment when he accidentally flashed comedian Andrew Santino due to a wardrobe mishap.

Travis Kelce’s Wardrobe Malfunction Becomes Fodder for Podcast Laughs
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The incident occurred four years ago while recording Santino’s "Whiskey Ginger" podcast but has only recently come to light during a conversation on the "New Heights" podcast, which Travis hosts with his brother Jason.

Santino shared the funny and slightly embarrassing tale, explaining the logistical challenges they faced while filming in a makeshift setup due to moving. “We set up at the crib because we were moving, and so it was kind of a tight squeeze with the cameras and the angles,” Santino recalled. Things took a comical turn when his editor noticed something amiss. “He’s like, ‘Bro, I don't know how to tell you this, but Travis was falling out of his shorts... his boys were sliding out.’”

The quick-thinking solution? Santino told his editor to overlay a Kansas City Chiefs logo over Travis’s lower region whenever “his boys wanted to make an appearance.” Throughout the entire podcast episode, which aired on July 5, 2019, a sizable Chiefs logo humorously covered Travis’s unexpected exposure.

Despite the mishap, Travis took it in stride, joking about his choice of attire (or lack thereof) that day. “I didn’t have my Tommy John’s on,” he quipped, prompting laughter from Santino who confirmed, “No you did not.”

Santino humorously threatened to keep the original footage for a potential future payday, saying, “And by the way… that footage will be available on our Patreon. I'm kidding. We're gonna hold off and sell that footage for a lot of money someday. That one is in the vault for life.”

Since the incident, Travis Kelce has ramped up his public appearances, even moving into TV hosting and film production, ensuring he’s likely to double-check his wardrobe before stepping out again.