Try some new beers at Marco Island Brewery

If you’re a craft beer fan looking to try some new beverages in a classic brewpub setting, the Marco Island Brewery got you covered.

 Try some new beers at Marco Island Brewery
Food & Drink

A longtime fixture in the area, the brewery prides itself on its friendly setting and range of menu options.

The main focus here, of course, are the beers; they offer a variety of quality brews from around the world, often featuring unique flavors like Watermelon Dragonfruit or Maple Bacon.

But they also offer a comprehensive menu of freshly sourced foods, such as burgers, sandwiches, pizza, and, of course, seafood.

And if you need your sports fix, this is another great place to get it; with over 40 TVs, there’s no shortage of spots to watch the game.

For a relaxed meal with friends or a chance to sample some quality craft drinks, the brewery’s got you covered.