Tyrese Gibson Denies DJ Envy's Claim Actor Was 'Disrespectful' to His Wife: 'Had to Pull Up Some Receipts'

Tyrese Gibson and DJ Envy are at odds over what the latter has claimed were "disrespectful" things the actor said to his wife Gia Casey.

Tyrese Gibson Denies DJ Envy's Claim Actor Was 'Disrespectful' to His Wife: 'Had to Pull Up Some Receipts'
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The allegations from DJ Envy (aka Raashaun Casey) were made public on Thursday, when Gibson, 44, appeared on 105.1 FM's Breakfast Club radio show, seemingly, in part, to clear the air between them.

During the show, DJ Envy, 46, told the actor he wanted to “box [his] mouth" over some of the things the Fast X actor allegedly said to Casey

On Monday, Gibson posted a 22-minute video on Instagram in which he claimed he never sent, specifically, text messages "directly to Envy or directly to his wife where I disrespected him or her."

"I literally just had to pull up some receipts and I had to go and look in my phone and say, ‘When is the last time we were actually communicating, and does anything about our communication feel like I actually disrespected his wife or him?' " Gibson said. "Because whether I was on psych meds or not, you’re not describing me as a man. That was the most hurtful thing ever."

Gibson then showed the date of an alleged group text with DJ Envy and his wife from August 2022 and said, "I got receipts. If your wife blocked me, how are we communicating about anything on Aug. 23, 2022?"

About DJ Envy's claims that he himself unblocked Gibson a month ago, the actor said, "That's a f---ing lie, bro. That is a lie."

During his appearance on The Breakfast Club, DJ Envy said he "blocked" Gibson because he didn't "respect" the way the actor talked to people, adding, "I didn’t want to see Tyrese as that. That's not the man that was my brother."

For his part, Gibson told him he was on "psych meds" at the time and doesn't remember anything he said then, comparing it to being under the influence of alcohol and asking DJ Envy if he'd hold a drunk friend accountable for his words, even if he knew "characteristically, that's not who this man is."

“I never had a conversation with you because I never wanted to see you like that," DJ Envy said in response. "The person who spoke to my wife during that time with the texts, I didn’t like that. And I wanted to remember Tyrese as a brother who helped my relationship, not the Tyrese that I was going through [it with].”

“So I took a step back," he continued. "I didn’t know what you were going through and I tried to talk to you, and I seen who you were. ... And when I seen how you were talking this way, I said, 'I’m gonna take a step back.' "

"How convenient for you to step back. I never stepped back from you," said Gibson, whom DJ Envy has credited with helping him mend his relationship with Casey after DJ Envy cheated on her.

"That's right. But I never talked to your wife in a disrespectful manner. And you talked to mine in a disrespectful manner," DJ Envy replied. "And I never told nobody that. And you can say you were on psych meds and you can say that you weren't, but as a man, Tyrese, some of the things you said deserve me to box your mouth."

"To the point where my wife doesn’t even call you back anymore," he continued. "So that was the reason I stopped talking to you and wouldn’t reach out to you anymore. I’m like, ‘I don’t want to remember my brother as that.' "

In a response to the statements Gibson made on Instagram Monday, DJ Envy and his wife spoke out on Tuesday's episode of The Breakfast Club, where DJ Envy noted how Gibson helped them when DJ Envy had an affair and Casey agreed he "absolutely" did.

But then Casey went on to allege that the couple stopped talking to Gibson "on two different occasions," the first being "many years ago."

She said while she and Gibson were good friends initially, their dynamic eventually "became inappropriate and uncomfortable," where it felt like "lines were being crossed."

"I felt like he was extremely demanding of my time and attention, where if I didn't give him my time and my attention, he would get very angry, get very upset," Casey alleged. "There was flirting and inappropriate compliments, for a woman who's married. ... Very clear lines were crossed."

"I just don't like to be called a liar, and when somebody says, 'I got receipts, I got receipts,' I'm like, no, you spoke to my wife,' " DJ Envy said.

Despite their tension, DJ Envy added on the show Tuesday, "Tyrese did help save my marriage, and I have a respect for him for that."