With Funk Generation, Anitta Showcases the Cultural Richness of Brazil's Favelas

Diving into the vibrant favelas of her native Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian pop star Anitta is rewriting the rulebook on funk carioca.

With Funk Generation, Anitta Showcases the Cultural Richness of Brazil's Favelas
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Her journey from breaking records and boundaries to topping the Billboard charts with her hit single "Envolver" has been nothing short of extraordinary. Yet Anitta's mission extends far beyond just making the next nightclub hit; she's all about shattering linguistic barriers, transcending genres, and introducing the world to the unparalleled vibrancy that is her home country.

The platinum-certified singer's latest project, Funk Generation: A Favela Story, is a three-song musical journey that takes the listener to the famous favelas of Rio, where Anitta grew up and found her love of music. These informal settlements on the outskirts and hillsides of Brazil's major cities humbly characterize the lifestyle of many Brazilians, who typically face everything from a lack of infrastructure, sanitation, security, and social services.

But what Anitta aims to express in her new series is that these neighborhoods are much more than the challenges they face, with favelas being rich in culture, sexuality, and creativity as their residents develop their own forms of expression in their day-to-day lives. The same favelas that have given birth to many cultural movements and genres, such as samba, capoeira, choro, funk, hip-hop, and graffiti, are precisely what Anitta amplifies in her colorfully boisterous films and tracks.
The first song of the bundle, "Funk Rave," is a perfect example of Anitta's mastery of her native country's famous sound. Both a catchy and energetic anthem that mixes funk beats with electronic sounds and vocals, Anitta establishes herself as one of the few mainstream artists to explore trilingualism, from English to Spanish to Portuguese, while transitioning seamlessly between emphatic beats.