Witness cultural change in Little Havana.

What to do in Miami? My next recommendation in the article is; Stroll around Little Havana , a tiny version of neighboring Cuba a stone's throw away, and get a lot of Latin flair.

 Witness cultural change in Little Havana.

The Little Havana District, where important attractions and entertainments are located on Calle Ocho Street, is a region where you can walk by hearing the Latin melodies rising from the shops, taste Latin delicacies in various restaurants and cafes that appeal to every budget, and think that you are in Latin America with every inch of it.

In fact, if your trip will be in March, you are very lucky. Calle Ocho Festival, which was held to promote Cuban culture, is held during this period and you can experience the Latin American atmosphere much more intensely in this very lively and entertaining festival.