Zendaya Gifts $100,000 to the Bay Area Playhouse That Launched Her Career

"This generous contribution ensures Cal Shakes' vibrancy as we gear up for our landmark 50th Anniversary season!" declared California Shakespeare Theater in their announcement.

 Zendaya Gifts $100,000 to the Bay Area Playhouse That Launched Her Career
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Zendaya Demonstrates Loyalty to Her Roots.

This Tuesday, the star of "Euphoria," aged 27, joined forces with the Women Donors Network to extend a $100,000 helping hand to the institution where her journey into acting commenced — the California Shakespeare Theater in Oakland, Calif. The theater has acknowledged this generous contribution towards their North Star Fund, an initiative aimed at fostering enhancements and underwriting future productions, as detailed on their website.

Leena Barakat, the President & CEO of the Women Donors Network (WDN), expressed her enthusiasm in a statement, saying, “In collaboration with Zendaya, we are delighted to present this unrestricted support grant. Our aspiration is that our investment bolsters your endeavors and propels your strategic objectives forward, allocating resources where they are most critically needed.”

Clive Worsley, Executive Director of the Theater, Expresses Gratitude to Zendaya.

Clive Worsley, at the helm of the theater, extended heartfelt thanks to Zendaya and the Women Donors Network for their significant contribution. "We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Zendaya and the WDN for their collaborative spirit and the substantial $100,000 donation to the North Star Fund," Worsley articulated in his message. "This benefaction is pivotal in sustaining Cal Shakes' momentum as we approach the monumental celebration of our 50th Anniversary season!"

Established in 1974, the theater has become a beloved staple, especially during the summer months, attracting crowds to its open-air Bruns Amphitheater. The San Francisco Chronicle notes Zendaya's connection to the theater dates back to her childhood, sparked by her mother's 12-summer tenure at the venue, intertwining her early life with the Dune: Part Two actress's formative years.

Zendaya is in the Spotlight with Dune: Part Two and Challengers.

Amid the buzz for Dune: Part Two, Zendaya is also captivating audiences with the newly released trailer for Challengers. In a show of solidarity and affection, Zendaya's boyfriend, Tom Holland, showcased his support by featuring the trailer on his Instagram story this Wednesday, teasing fans with a caption that read, “You ain't ready for this one!”

Zendaya's illustrious career is marked by significant roles, including her portrayal of Michelle Jones in the Spider-Man series and her critically acclaimed performance as the lead in HBO's Euphoria.