Banana Brandy from ChainBridge Distillery

For three years, ChainBridge Distillery owner/distiller Bela Nahori has been crafting some truly noteworthy spirits from his Broward County-based distillery alongside his parents, Bela Nahori Sr. and Agnes.

Banana Brandy from ChainBridge Distillery
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Hailing from the Tokaj wine region that borders Hungary and Slovakia, his specialty is his take on pálinka, an eau de vie style of fruit brandy. In Fort Lauderdale, he offers a unique South Florida twist with a wide range of brandies. Made in small batches, each is distilled from fresh fruit the family hand-washes and processes for several days before it's pressed to extract juices that are mixed with a special European yeast. The mash ferments for two weeks and ages for at least three months before it's hand bottled and labeled, building a body and character that is unique to each fruit sans added sugar or flavorings. To date, Nahori has created a number of iterations including banana, blueberry, apple, pear, basil, and plum — even spirits made from carrot and beet. Keep an eye out for a new release: his first mango brandy aged for a total of three years with one year in bourbon barrels. The tasting room offers samples, cocktails, and a retail shop.