Rainn Wilson Hit with Iconic 'Office' Jell-O Prank During Hotel Stay in Florence

Actor Rainn Wilson, famed for his role as Dwight Schrute in the hit TV series "The Office," was humorously reminded of his character's on-screen antics during a recent hotel stay in Florence, Italy.

Rainn Wilson Hit with Iconic 'Office' Jell-O Prank During Hotel Stay in Florence
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Nearly two decades after "The Office" first aired, Rainn Wilson continues to encounter his character's legendary misadventures, even while traveling abroad. This time, the prank that started it all in the pilot episode — Dwight's stapler encased in Jell-O by prankster Jim Halpert — was recreated by the staff of the Plaza Hotel Lucchesi in Florence. To Wilson's surprise, his room service arrived with his knife and fork buried in red Jell-O, rendering them hilariously unusable.

Wilson took to social media to share his bemusement, posting a picture of his Jell-O-encased utensils next to his meal with the caption, "This is what happened when I ordered room service at my hotel in Florence… @plazahotellucchesi." The post quickly drew laughter and affection from his former castmates, including Ed Helms (Andy Bernard) and Kate Flannery (Meredith Palmer), who joined in celebrating the ongoing impact of the show.

Reflecting on the enduring legacy of "The Office," Wilson has often expressed gratitude for being part of a show that continues to resonate with audiences worldwide. His encounters with fans and their stories about how the show has touched their lives remind him of the unique and lasting connection "The Office" has forged.

As Wilson navigates life post-"The Office," it seems the spirit of Jim Halpert's pranks will follow him wherever he goes, keeping the laughter alive for both him and his fans.TheOffice #RainnWilson #JelloPrank #TVShows #Pranks