Kourtney Kardashian Celebrates Her 45th Birthday with Friends at IHOP

Kourtney Kardashian marked her 45th birthday with a cozy IHOP breakfast, complete with a personalized mug and a playful cake, surrounded by close friends and family.

Kourtney Kardashian Celebrates Her 45th Birthday with Friends at IHOP
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Kourtney Kardashian Barker's 45th birthday festivities were filled with warmth and good cheer, as she celebrated with a special breakfast at IHOP. The reality TV star, who turned 45 on April 18, shared glimpses of her celebration on Wednesday, April 24, through her Instagram Stories.

The morning began with a hearty IHOP breakfast, where Kourtney was greeted with a large hot chocolate and a personalized mug bearing the inscription "Kourt x IHOP," adding a unique touch to the day's theme. The celebration continued with a "naked" birthday cake adorned with blueberries and lit with yellow candles, setting a festive mood among the attendees.

In one of the Instagram stories, Kourtney is seen directing the chorus of her friends as they serenade her with "Happy Birthday," to which she expressed her gratitude by captioning the post, "I have the best friends''

The birthday ambiance was accentuated by a fun "All F---ing Black" dress code, as seen in another of her posts that included the event's chic and humorous invite. Kourtney embraced the theme with style, wearing a black skeleton sweater paired with dark sunglasses and a silver "Happy Birthday" headband, showcasing her signature blend of edgy and playful fashion.


Among the guests was Kourtney’s sister, Kim Kardashian, who also shared a snapshot of her own personalized mug on her Instagram Stories, highlighting the close-knit nature of the celebration.

The IHOP gathering followed a tropical vacation with her husband Travis Barker and their 5-month-old son Rocky, where the festivities had begun. Travis shared a heartfelt message on Instagram during the trip, saying, "Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife, soulmate and best friend forever. I love you, I love our life together. Thank you for being the most amazing wife a person could ask for. Here’s to many more years of adventures together ❤️‍