Dan Dan Noodles

If you like spicy noodles as much as we do, you're going to love this recipe for traditional Chinese Dan Dan noodles from the chefs at Hutong. The international eatery has locations in New York City, Miami, London, Hong Kong and more, offering beloved Northern Chinese dishes and elegant decor. The Manhattan restaurant specifically is inspired by China and New York in the 1920s.

Dan Dan Noodles
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"Our Hutong Dan Dan noodles are served in a spicy minced pork, sesame and peanut broth," says Executive Chef Ken Lin of Hutong in New York City. "[It's] a classic dish originating from Chinese Sichuan street food cuisine, and served at each Hutong around the world. We gladly offer to you our recipe so you can try cooking your very own Dan Dan noodles at home. We modified the recipe, using ingredients that you might have on hand.” Read the full story to learn more.