Designer garden suite in Morningside

Originally used as a high-end wood showroom, this transformed garden suite's private entrance welcomes you with an exterior facade made of reclaimed wood, plus wood flooring and paneling, and custom cabinetry and furniture.

Designer garden suite in Morningside
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There is an impressive red and black color scheme that includes leaf and zebra print pillows, a red Asian-style rug at the foot of the Queen-sized bed, and large Buddhist prints adorning the wall. Paired with recessed and pendant lighting in warm hues, this option will likely remind you of a luxe hotel room in Southeast Asia. 

Close to golf courses, you'll also get a sense of five-star service here, as the owner will let you borrow a pair of golf clubs for your game, as well as beach towels. There is also a full minibar and Nespresso machine at your disposal. Drink coffee or tea as you relax in the outdoor tropical garden, complete with a mango tree, avocado, lychee, guava, banana, and other lush vegetation.