Fantasy Fest

On the last week of October in Key West is one of the biggest 10-day celebrations Florida has to offer. Fantasy Fest has been compared to Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Carnival in Rio De Janeiro!

Fantasy Fest
Life Style

A must-attend on your way through Key West, this celebration is for everyone. Filled with merry-makers, glitter goddesses, and a whole lot of feathers, this is one big adult theme party.

Various activities include The Headdress Ball, an LBTGQ+ inclusion event, Tutu Tuesday, where everyone dons a frilly tutu, and the Pet Masquerade, an animal costume contest! The most formal event is the Coronation Ball, where the King and Queen of Fantasy Fest are crowned.

Finally, the most colorful of festivals in South Florida culminates in a gigantic parade, with some floats costing up to $15,000! Akin to Santa at the Macy’s Parade, the final float in this parade holds the proudly elected King and Queen!

If you are willing to embrace your inner free spirit, book a cozy Airbnb, and get crazy at the most loving and inclusive of Florida festivals!